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Lightning fast connections, anywhere in the world. We don’t think safe and secure has to be slow.

Unblock websites

Are you trying to access a blocked website? Easily get around geo-locked content restrictions.

No logging. Really.

We have no keys to lose, we simply do not keep logs.

VPN Sumo lets you

Take back control and your privacy

Servers in 28 countries

96 servers in 28 countries and growing. That means many access points for you.

Simple interface

Easy to use so you get back to browsing, not configuring the your VPN.


Keep your browsing habits private and secure your connection on insecure networks.

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Bypass web filters

Get around website filters and to the content you want.

Multiple devices supported

Currently supporting iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Android, Chrome, and Firefox.

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Enjoy a completely ad-free experience. No annoying pop ups or display ads.

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