Secure your internet connection

A VPN secures your internet connection by obscuring your activity from any would be eavesdroppers.

Securing your home internet connection is one thing, but if you’re ever connecting to the internet while out of the home you’re using very risky connections. Most public or semi-public networks are a minefield of malware, eavesdroppers, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Luckily, you can protect yourself very easily by using a VPN (ideally VPN Sumo!). The basic idea is that if you’re on a public network and not using a VPN or encryption then someone would be able to “sniff” the data that your computer is sending over the network and identify not just which websites you’re visiting but even the data that you are submitting or, in extreme cases, they can even mimic the website you’re attempting to visit to extract even more information from you.

Securing an internet connection can be as simple as turning your VPN on and continuing with your activities as normal. The VPN encrypts ALL data from your computer so that anyone intercepting the data only sees what appears to be garbled code. What does this encrypted data look like? Like this:

Secure public wifi

Whether you're accessing the internet at home, or a public wifi network, make sure that you're not transmitting your information and browsing activity insecurely over the air! Defend yourself when you're on public wifi with VPN Sumo.

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