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Our no-logging policy means that we don’t keep any server logs, or anything that would expose your activity. VPN Sumo was created to secure and protect your online privacy from governments, “hackers”, your ISP, or even us.

When selecting a VPN be sure to choose one that has a no-logging policy. What this means is that even through legal action we can not be compelled to handover data that could unmask you or your data (since we don’t have it in the first place). A VPN company could theoretically track your activity on their network, so while a government entity couldn’t see your activity in real time they would simply have to force the VPN provider to share their logs and they would be able to see what you have been up to online.

The very reason we created VPN Sumo was because of our obsession with the right to privacy and freedom of information online, so please use VPN Sumo confidently but remember that the VPN is only one component of a safe and secure online presence, plugins/extensions you install from social media networks or other developers introduce new risks to be mindful of.

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